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oracle DBA Online Training in France

It is important to set up however the logical storage structure of the info can have an effect on system performance and varied direction operations. For example, before creating any table areas for your info, you should savvy several information files can form up the table house, what type of data are going to be keep in every table house, and on which disk drives the information files are going to be physically keep. When coming up with the overall logical storage of the info structure, take into account the results that this structure will have once the info is truly created and running. Such considerations embody however the logical storage structure info can have an effect on the following

Each info needs at least one info administrator (DBA) to administer it. Because associate Oracle info system will be massive and might have several users, often this is not a 1 person job. In such cases, there is a gaggle of DBAs who are responsibility.

A database administrator’s responsibilities will embody the following tasks:

  • Installing and upgrading the Oracle server and the application tools
  • Allocating the system storage and planning future storage necessities for the info system
  • Creating primary database storage structures (table spaces) once application developers have designed associate application
  • Creating primary objects (tables, views, indexes) once application developers have designing the application
  • Modifying the database structure as a necessary, from information given by application developers
  • Enrolling users and the maintaining system the security
  • Ensuring compliance with your Oracle license agreement
  • Controlling and monitoring user access to the info
  • Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the database
  • Planning for backup and recovery of database data
  • Maintaining archived data on tape
  • Backing up and restoring the database
  • Contacting Oracle Corporation for technical support

Application developers design and implement info applications. Their responsibilities includes the following tasks


  • Designing and the developing the database application
  • Designing the database structure for associate application
  • Estimating storage requirements for associate application
  • Specifying modifications of the database structure for associate application
  • Relaying the above data to a info administrator
  • Turing the application during development
  • Establishing an application security measures throughout development

Application developers can perform some of these tasks united with DBAs.

Plan the relative style of the info objects and the storage characteristics for every of those objects. By planning the relationship between every object and its physical storage before making it, you can directly have an effect on the performance of the info as a unit. Be sure to set up for the expansion of the info.Oracle DBA Online Training in France In distributed database environments, this planning stage is very vital. The physical location of frequently accessed information dramatically affects application performance.